About Us

World Brands Australia is a leading importer & distributor of premium wine, spirits, beers, ciders & liqueurs in Australia with an impressive portfolio of some of the worlds most highly awarded and acclaimed brands.

The Company personel have many years of industry experience involving such iconic global brands as Jim Beam, Cointreau, Absolut, Glenfiddich, Grants, Remy Martin, Galliano, Jagermeister, Piper Heidsieck and Oyster Bay Wines to name but a few.

World Brands Australia sets out to introduce new and innovative brands that create a much needed dimension to Australia

Founded in 2002 by Director and industry stalwart Paul Wormley, World Brands Australia experienced solid growth and established a benchmark for sales, marketing and distribution of quality brands up to late 2012.

In early 2016 after a three year hiatus, World Brands Australia Pty Ltd recommenced in establishing itself to its former standing in the Australian market.

Working closely with key influences and principles in all industries & markets, the company continues to add and develop a range of brands that are contemporary, unique and popular in all walks of life.

World Brands Australia has a strong national distribution with strong successful established companies across Australia.

World Brands Australia looks at all categories and products to ensure that all needs are met by principals, suppliers, retailers and venues alike.

World Brands Australia is founded on four strong principals:

  • Integrity: In all our day to day business and business 2 business activities we strive to ensure that the highest level of integrity is undertaken in all facets, whether this is respect for the environment, responsible service of alcohol or the belief in knowing ‘that what goes around comes around’.
  • Innovation: To be able to judge, see and create a market for brands that are capable of development. The world is becoming incredibly fast and creative but also careless so the brands we choose to carry are ones that are able to grow and develop into life time generational brands.
  • Commitment: World Brands Australia is committed to the industry 100% and continues to grow stronger on the back of its genuine growth of listening and understanding to the ever changing needs and requirements of this evolving market.
  • Service: To serve meticulously at each level of the business chain from producer through to the consumer and guarantee a smooth diligent process is shared. We pride ourselves on being able to abide by all four principles and ensure that they are adhered to throughout the whole culture of our company.
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